About Us


We are Andy and Kate Kowalski and this is our family business set up on a platform of "Love and Hope."

Love and hope has a deep meaning to us and it summarizes the rollercoaster of life, the ups and downs of what life brings. We have always raised her kids with the belief and knowledge that we should be open and loving to everyone. Everyone deserves love and regardless of how they respond back to us, we never really know what's going through their minds or what's happening to them in this life situation...we should be as understanding as possible.

Based on these principles we decided start our store to promote these core values and to spread awareness about the blessing of adoption. We use the elephant to represent not only what we, and many others, have been through but also the hope and blessings of what's to come. The elephant symbolizes that continued effort of promoting the amazing experience of adoption and the love and hope it brings. We have become advocates of adoption trying to promote the ability of bringing a new life and love to a child and equally having that child bring new life and love to a couple or family.

K's Corner will donate a portion of the profits from our store to an adoption agency to help fund the adoption process. Adoption is its own rollercoaster of emotion with highs and lows. Unfortunately, there's also a financial rollercoaster that many couples and families will have difficulty riding. The mission of our store is to help support these families and to give them an opportunity to lessen the burden of the financial costs they come with adoption to hopefully allow more people couples and families to be able to participate and give these wonderful children better lives.

We hope that your store and her products will be a symbol of the beauty of adoption and will server as a way to promote this loving calling.