The Elephant


The elephant is an image that transcends cultures and meanings. Its majestic beauty has been held in high regard in various regions throughout history. Historically, the symbolic meaning of the elephant includes intelligence, wisdom, majesty, good luck, loyalty, strength, and other noble qualities. In many religions, the elephant is also seen as a symbol of patience, and temperance.

The animal is depicted in different ancient worlds and is believed to represent Adam and Eve, a new beginning. In Buddhism, the elephant is seen as an earthly manifestation of the qualities embodied in Buddha himself. It is a symbol of mental strength, a patient mind and gentle demeanor.

These magnificent creatures are unwaveringly obedient to their companions, loyal and loving to their family, calm in threatening circumstances, resolved when set on a path, and they possess massive ears made for listening and analyzing. It is no surprise that the elephant is an important symbol for us as a family and for our message at K’s Corner.

Growing up my family had always given gifts with a depiction of elephants in some way to represent their wish for good fortune. I remember receiving a small elephant statue from my grandmother when I was younger to represent her wish for me to have all my dreams come true. I also received an elephant, that still sits on my desk, when I was embarking on my road into graduate school, reminding me that my family is backing me on my journey. When Kate and I had millstones to celebrate, we were given depictions of elephants to remind us of what our family wishes for us and that we were not alone.

The symbolism of the elephant has changed for us when we were faced with a raw reality following of the birth of our daughter. That day, a part of Kate was taken away from her and our dream of that table surrounded by children had vanished. In the days that followed, our love for elephants had not changed, but the elephant had taken on a new meaning, a meaning of new beginnings and hope. Our daughter had become our “elephant baby,” a loving gift that reminded us of how lucky we were despite the rough emotions that we faced. As a result, our little baby quickly accumulated multiple gifts and decorations involving an elephant in some way.

When we decided to move forward with adoption the elephant became our mascot. It became our new beginning, our new set path, and the message of love that we must share. Through K’s Corner we hope to promote our love for adoption and to share its blessing of new beginnings that will enrich any person, couple or family.

Through your support of K’s Corner, you will be supporting the mission of adoption. There are many people, couples and families that would love to be able receive the gift of adoption, but cannot due to the large fees that are typically involved. With each purchase a portion of the proceeds will be donated to help people fund their adoption process and hopefully give more opportunities to children in need of a loving home.

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